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Address : Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, China
Postcode : 528000
Tel : 0086-757-83215855
Fax : 0086-757-83215866
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E-mail : info@china-ceramics.org

Contact : Mr. George Han (Director)
Website : www.china-ceramics.org
About Us

China Ceramics Enterprises (CCE) is the largest manufacturer & exporter of ceramic rollers, alumina grinding balls, ceramic foam filters, glazed & polished tiles, arts & crafts products in China. Today, as the famous Hi-Tech enterprises, our comprehensive CCE™ brand products have gained a great deal of favor among the customers from over 47 countries because of the superior quality.

  1. Ceramic rollers & Alumina Grinding Balls
  2. Ceramic Foam Filters
  3. Glazed Wall & Floor Tiles
  4. Inner Wall Glazed Tiles
  5. Exterior Wall Glazed Tile
  6. Rustic Floor Tiles Series
  7. Polished Wall Tiles
  8. Glass Wash Basins
  9. Porcelain wash basins
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